7 Myths And Misconceptions About E-Collars

dog with ecollar

Some dogs are easy to train, and others are more difficult. If you are having trouble training your dog, it may not be the dog who is the problem. Some owners simply do not know how to train a dog. You may be going about the training process all wrong.


Electric dog collars can be used to stop a great deal of undesirable behavior. You can set up an invisible fence outside, and your dog’s collar will give him a shock when he tries to leave the yard. You can also manually shock your dog when he is barking excessively or jumping on guests. Over time, there will be no need for the collar, because the dog will be trained and programmed to behave. These collars were scientifically tested by the leading veterinary schools, including the University of Pennsylvania, therefore, you can be sure that they are safe and humane. While many dog owners have found success with the eCollar, others will not try it, due to many common misconceptions. Before you overrule the idea of using the eCollar, you should know the truth behind the myths.


Myth #1 Dogs are Often Shocked Again and Again

Many people believe that the shock their pet will receive from the collar will be repetitive. This is not true. The shock that the dog receives during training is only a mild electric stimulation. Once the dog is shocked once, they very rarely receive another shock again. The dog will usually learn with the first shock, making a second unnecessary.


Myth #2 The Shock That the Dog Receives is Painful

Many homeowners avoid using these collars to train their dogs, because they believe that they are inhumane. This is not true. When the dog is shocked, the collar will only emit 6 volts of electricity. This is the equivalent of a shock that you would receive when stepping out of a car, running your feet across the carpet, or touching the television screen. Because none of these things cause you a great deal of pain, you can be sure that these collars will not cause your dog any degree of pain.


Myth #3 Dogs Can Be Burned by the Electric Shock from the Collar

Many pet owners avoid using these collars, due to fear that their dog will be burned by the electric shock. Because these collars use such a low amount of electricity, it is impossible for your dog to be burned when shocked. The shock is so low that it cannot cause pain, therefore, there is no way it can cause a burn.


Myth #4 It is Easy for a Dog to Run Out of the Enclosed Area

These collars are made specifically to keep dogs in the yard, and out of trouble. When a dog runs outside of the boundary line, they will stop due to the electric shock. If the dog does run out of the boundary line, it is often due to owner negligence or improper installation. If your system is installed properly, and you are using it correctly, your dog should not be able to get out of the designated boundary line.


Myth #5 Veterinarians Advise Against Using these Collars to Train Your Dog

Many dog owners have heard from a friend, family member or coworker, that veterinarians advise against using these collars as a training method. When hearing this, the owner will immediately abandon the idea altogether, without asking their veterinarian what they think. The truth is, most veterinarians recommend these collars for training. Studies have shown, that 9 out of 10 veterinarians actually recommend this system. If you are considering using an electric collar, but are still skeptical, you can discuss the idea with your veterinarian.


Myth #6 Dogs Can Jump Over or Dig Under the Electric Fence

The reason many people avoid using electric collars for training their dog is out of fear. They are afraid that their dog will be able to jump over the electric fence, without receiving a shock, allowing them to leave the yard. The also worry that their dog will dig under the electric fence, allowing them to avoid a shock, and leaving the yard. The truth is, that neither of these scenarios is possible. As long as your system is properly maintained, your dog cannot get through the barrier without receiving a shock.


Myth #7 All Dogs Can Be Trained With an Electric Collar

Many dog owners believe that any dog can be trained with an electric collar. The reason that many believe this, is that there are certain manufacturers out there who advertise that this is true. While some manufacturers will tell you that any dog can be trained, others will tell you the truth. If you have an aggressive dog, he may not be a proper candidate for this type of training. If you have an aggressive dog, and the system shocks them for leaving the boundary line or misbehaving, it can only make them become more aggressive. In the end, you will have a dog who is still not trained, but is much angrier than he was when you started using the collar.


Different owners use different training methods for their dogs. Some are successful with the method that they use, and others are not. If you want to try a training method which will very likely work, and will not hurt your dog in the process. You should consider using an electric collar.