Did you know?  The basic designs of remote dog training collars have remained unchanged for nearly 20 years, but big companies still charge hundreds of dollars selling old technologies with no incentive to change.

This is why we founded CanineStar.  We are fed up with the ridiculously high price tag that big companies with savvy marketing teams are able to place on their “low tech” products.  Our mission is to create affordable products that utilize the latest technology to help dog owners train their dogs safely and effectively.

To create good products, we need to know the user well.  At CanineStar, our founders are passionate dog owners that spend a lot time with their dogs (probably too much).  We mingle with other dog owners to understand their needs and we place close attention to customers feedback.  The products we make as a result are a close fit to what the user wants.

We hope you will enjoy using our product as much as we do.

Martin K.
Owner of CanineStar