Combining Positive Reinforcement And Remote Training Collars

pet owner with dog

The remote training collar is essentially a very effective, humane and simple tool that uses stimulation to train dogs. This powerful tool allows for successful training with negative or positive reinforcement to control the behavior of the dog. With this tool, clicker training is combined with e-collar technology to deliver excellent results. Clicker training is among the most powerful and oldest training tool available. The methods of training that are provided by the collar enable endless possibilities to transform your pet into the perfect companion.


There are a number of different ways in which a remote training collar can be used for positive reinforcement in dog training. This method of training is quite dynamic and aspects of the training are constantly being tweaked to deliver improved results. However, there is one thing that remains constant; successful programs use stimulation at a very low level.


Keeping stimulation at a very low level provides the dog with gentle comparison and the dog learns that it essentially has control of its collar. The stimulation used can be compared to tapping someone of the shoulder to gain his or her attention. This approach allows for the possibility of taking advantage of the remarkable benefits of the remote training collar. Best of all, this can be done without ultimately sacrificing the interest and good attitude of the dog. This is largely because the collar will not burn the skin of the animal or cause other types of injury.


In essence, the dogs that are introduced to the remote training collar in this way will feel as if they are in control of the mild stimulation through their own performance. They will not see the control as something that is being forced on them by their trainer. They will instead view it as something that they want to do. They will ultimately develop a positive attitude toward the remote training collar. When this happens, it opens up great opportunities to train the dog in a number of different ways.


The low-level stimulation technique is a step-by-step system. In this system, the trainer starts by teaching your dog to understand basic commands that will be used by you on a regular basis. Then they apply the principles of escape training to teach the dog to turn off the low-level stimulation by carrying out commands that it already knows. Repetition is used as a means through which your dog becomes quick at carrying out commands. This is because the dog learns that not only can the stimulation be turned off by performing the tasks commanded, but the stimulation can be beaten altogether when the dog quickly performs.


The remote training collar plays a significant role in keeping the dog’s happy attitude. This is possible because of the perfectly timed corrections. This greatly reduces the time needed to develop reliability and it makes the learning process easier for the dog. A dog has the ability to associate its own actions with perfectly timed corrections. The dog will maintain a positive attitude because it believes that its own action can cause it to avoid corrections.


When used at the right level, the remote training collar will get the attention of the dog. In addition, it will act as a reminder for the dog to comply with the instructions of the trainer. This could very well be life saving when your dog is being called away from passing vehicles. It also works to improve your relationship with your dog.


When fully understood and properly used, the remote training collar should bring out the same or even better results than other training tools. Correction methods should never be about inflicting pain or causing fear. Correction should effectively assist a dog in learning what is being asked.


Remote training should be left up to the professionals or dog owners who are well-versed at administering this type of training. Similar to other training tools, the remote collar can be misused. This inappropriate use of this tool could result in harm being done to your dog.


It is important to understand that dogs have individual sensitivities and temperaments. Therefore, the training collar used should have the capacity to be adjusted to suit the sensitivity level of the individual dog. This enables the trainer to administer what is perceived by the dog as mild discomfort instead of a shock.


The modern remote training collar equips the trainer with the ability to make the process easier for the dog. It enables the trainer to make corrections that are timed perfectly timed, which are mild yet motivating. These modern collars are available with adjustable intensity to greatly increase the number of situations in which they can be used to train dogs.


There is also the option of combining positive reinforcement and remote training collars. Positive reinforce involves giving the dog a suitable reward when it successfully completes a desired behavior. Alternatively, a reward would be taken away until the dog completes the commanded task. This helps to boost the reliability of the training program. The dog will do as the trainer commands in the hopes of getting a reward. The dog will also be motivated to act to avoid the feeling of the tingling stimulation from the training collar.


It is very important that the dog is taught foundation exercises since this will enhance the benefits of the remote training collar. The dog will learn what to do and what not to do; this will result in thrilling adventures for both you and the dog.