When Should You Consider Using An E-Collar To Train Your Dog?

dog with e-collar

Every good dog owner takes the time to train his or her pet. There are many tools out there, and some of them are more effective than others. In certain situations, you might want to rely upon one of these tools – the electronic collar, or eCollar. The device transmits a brief, unpleasant sensation to your pet at a distance in order to dissuade him or her from a specific action. When should you use such a product? Below are four situations in which it is the best possible dog training tool.


When Your Dog Needs Feedback

The eCollar is really just a reinforcement tool – one that helps your dog to learn commands, even when they are easily distracted by other stimuli. The collar is a great tool for those dogs that simply need a little bit of extra training – and in the real world, many of them do need something more than the occasional treat to learn how to behave. Using this kind of collar is a great way to provide feedback to a dog that he or she can understand, and can help both of you become less frustrated with the training process.


Let’s face it – your dog might not respond to every other type of training. Some dogs ignore clickers and don’t really care about treats. If you have such an animal, using an eCollar might be your only real form of recourse.


When You Need to Train at Distance

Some forms of training require that your dog be far away from you. If you work in the hunting or search and rescue world, you might find yourself dealing with certain behaviors that can’t be corrected when your dog is nearby. This is why it is so important to make sure that you have a device like an eCollar available – the tool can be used to correct a dog’s behavior when you’re not standing right by him or her. This will help to speed up your dog’s training process and help him or her get to work.


Working dogs need to be trained quickly, and they need to be trained decisively. The eCollar allows that to be done, and at the distances that are often necessary in the lines of work for those dogs. Whether you’re working on retrieval or even finding objects safely, having the right training tools to work at a distance is a necessity.


When You Need Quick Reinforcement

There’s something to be said about speed and reinforcement, as well. When a dog is learning new behaviors, he or she needs some form of reinforcement or punishment quickly. Failure to act in a timely manner can lead your dog to assume that he or she is receiving a certain kind of treatment for a different kind of reaction than that which you intended. Failure to act quickly can ruin anything from house training to basic tricks, and can cause your dog a great deal of stress while he or she is learning the rules of your home.


The quick stimulation provided by the eCollar allows the dog to make an instant connection between the bad behavior and the sensation provided by the device. This, in turn, allows the dog to make mental connections between good behaviors and a lack of the sensation. When your dog can make an instant connection, the connection lasts. Any time lapse in that connection allows for confusion to set in, thus making life more difficult on your dog and making him or her much harder to train. As a dog owner, you owe it to your pet to make things as clear to him or her as possible.


When Your Dog Needs Safe Stimulation

Finally, there’s the simple fact that an eCollar is a safe way to protect your dog during training. Unfortunately, many of the tools that are used during the training process can have terrible side effects. Even treats, which your dog will surely love, can lead to obesity in the dog and cause some dogs to assume that all of their actions should result in some kind of food-based reward. While the stimulation of the eCollar isn’t pleasant, it is a safe way for your dog to learn which actions are and are not appropriate.


If you think about it, everything that comes out of the eCollar contact with your pet is brief. They do receive a brief, annoying sensation – but nothing lasts. This helps the dog to understand that a certain action must be stopped, but there is no lasting impact. Unlike a treat, you don’t have to worry about your dog’s weight or how it will react in the presence of food later in life – you just have to make sure that your dog knows that certain actions are inappropriate. The safe sensation of this device will help your dog learn – and improve his or her ability to follow commands.


Does every dog need an eCollar? No. Many dogs, however, can benefit from the training tool. Whether your dog fails to respond to usual training methods, he or she needs to be trained at a distance, you need a safe form of stimulation or you just want to reinforce your training more quickly, the device can be hugely beneficial. Always make sure to use it responsibly with your dog, and to maintain the same level of patience that you would use with any other training tool. With the right care, a good eCollar can help you to train any dog.